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The Pope at the Audience: The Holy Spirit and the Unleashed Power of the Gospel

Pope Francis during his weekly general audience declared that the Holy Spirit is the protagonist of the Church’s mission. By Lydia O’Kane Although pilgrims and tourists had their umbrellas ready for Wednesday’s general audience, the brief drizzle that swept over St. Peter’s Square then turned to clear skies as Pope Francis reflected on his catechesis […]

Holy trinity

The Holy Trinity by Nicolas Cage: The Rock, Con Air and Face/Off

Alongside the intensive method play was the usual dedication: Cage participated in stunts, braved an increasingly cold and seized prison, and even laughed at his own fear of heights. It was a performance he would later describe as a “true personal best”, adding, “I have to think outside the box”. Cage’s insane mastery might well […]

Holy rosary

The historic Church of the Holy Rosary will celebrate its 100th anniversary with an uncertain future

The first German immigrants to Tacoma must have felt right at home with the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges and a climate mimicking that of their homeland. But they wanted more. They then set out to build a place of worship, the one that still stands above the skyline of Tacoma – Our Lady of […]

Holy rosary

The feast of the Holy Rosary

No memory of my mother Dorothy is as powerful as watching her recite the Rosary at the kitchen table every morning. Whatever was going on with our family, her day would start with coffee and one of the mysteries. I grew up in a large Catholic family. Prayer was something my mother taught us. My […]

Holy trinity

Holy Trinity Catholic Parish Celebrates 150 Years of Knowing, Love and Service of God | News, Sports, Jobs

The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity as it stands today. The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, a local landmark with its clock tower and colorful, ornate interior, parallels the history of New Ulm. In 1854, German immigrants traveled from Fort Snelling to where the Minnesota and Cottonwood rivers met to begin the settlement of New […]

Holy trinity

Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown celebrates 225 years of parish life – Catholic Standard

In 1787, Father John Carroll, who would later become the first Roman Catholic bishop in the United States, purchased land in Georgetown for five shillings for the purpose of establishing a place of worship there. Today, this land is home to Holy Trinity Parish and Holy Trinity School in Washington, DC, where 5,937 registered households […]

Holy trinity

Holy Trinity cross-country teams gear up for strong finish | Viera Sports Blog

This year’s Holy Trinity boys and girls crossover teams seem to be following the exact path any coach would want: They will only get better as the season progresses. This is especially the case for the men’s team at Holy Trinity, which started the season with a number of new runners who had never raced […]