Holy trinity

The Holy Trinity: not demonstrable from the Scriptures alone?

I was writing with a Protestant pastor. He said how, if he spoke of the Trinity in a Catholic environment, the Catholics present would think that the Protestants “obtained” the doctrine of the Trinity from the Catholics and not from the Scriptures alone and that the Catholics believe it only because the L ‘Church teaches […]

Holy cross

Order of the Holy Cross to close monastery and retreat center in Santa Barbara, California – Episcopal News Service

The Mt. Calvary Monastery and Retreat Center, headquarters of the Order of the Holy Cross branch in Santa Barbara, California, will close permanently in May 2021, according to Prior Adam McCoy. Photo: Diocese of Los Angeles [Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles] Mt. Calvary, the Order of the Holy Cross monastery and retreat center in Santa […]

Holy rosary

The redevelopment of the Institut du Saint-Rosaire is moving forward: “It is an essential element in telling our story” | New

A much needed infusion of state funding is breathing new life into the campaign to redevelop the Institute of the Holy Rosary. The school’s redevelopment board will receive $ 500,000 from the state’s investment fund this coming year, with an additional $ 4 million set aside for distribution over the next four years. The Holy […]

Holy trinity

The Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity is being rebuilt and is reborn

CLEARWATER – Father James Paris has promised his elderly parishioners that they won’t have to have their funerals in a gymnasium. Since a fire destroyed the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity in 2015, services have been held in a gymnasium, the “churchnasium”, with worshipers sitting in chairs and looking at the makeshift altar […]