Holy spirit

The disturbances of the Holy Spirit of wind, noise and fire

Without a doubt, the most important celebration of this month is Pentecost. It honors an occasion without which the early church could not have lived. Yet, at the same time, many of us modern Christians get along just fine without even thinking about the event. The Holy Spirit is generally a non-entity in our lives. […]

Holy spirit

Pope to Regina Coeli: “The Holy Spirit teaches and animates the Church”

Ahead of Regina Coeli’s Sunday prayer, Pope Francis reflects on how the Holy Spirit guides us and the Church to bear witness to the Risen Christ. By Devin Watkins Inspired by the Gospel of 6e Easter Sunday (John 14: 23-29), Pope Francis says that Jesus promised never to leave the apostles alone, as he prepared […]

Holy spirit

May ‘Witness’ asks, ‘Who is the Holy Spirit?’

“I believe in the Holy Spirit. ” Although millions of Lutherans confess these words every week during divine service, many have perhaps at times felt a mixture of curiosity and confusion when wondering: Who exactly is the Third Person of the Holy Trinity? How does he work? To help answer questions like these – which […]

Holy cross

Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School will open in the fall

For more than half a century, St. Ann’s and St. Mary’s Catholic Schools in Midland and Odessa, respectively, have provided spiritual education to students from kindergarten through eighth grade, but have not been in able to provide continued opportunity for their students once they have entered. high school. As of this fall, students will be […]

Holy spirit

The Holy Spirit enlightens Jesus for us all

From the writings of Reverend Billy Graham Q: I hear a lot of religious people talk about connecting to the spirit world, which sounds “scary,” but Christians themselves seem to place more emphasis on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is all so confusing. Is the Holy Spirit different from the spirit world, and […]